Lost python sort of menaced Dartmouth campus for five days, found by dog

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The highfalutin students on the campus of Dartmouth College this summer are no doubt resting easier today now that a three-foot ball python has been recovered.

A dog found the constricting snake just after 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday. It had been on the loose since it disappeared from the confines of a tank located inside an alternative coed fraternity house on or before Thursday, reports The Dartmouth, the country’s oldest college newspaper.

The president of the frat, Connie Gong, was taking care of the snake for the summer.

The reptile turned out to be holed up in a cranny near the fraternity’s porch. A board covered the hollow space, providing a cool and comfortable hiding place for the snake.

“I got back three minutes after the dog found it,” Gong told The Dartmouth. “It was yapping really loudly.”

The snake is named Lyude. The campus rag doesn’t bother to name the heroic dog, which belongs to a member of the Greek organization, called The Tabard

Gong alerted campus safety on Friday morning. She explained that she noticed that the snake was missing from its cage on Thursday but had not checked on the reptile since Wednesday night.

Police from the surrounding town of Hanover soon got involved in the python hunt. They stressed that anyone who came upon the snake should use caution and call for help, adds the Portland Press Herald.

In an email to fraternity members, Addy Adewusi noted that officials said that pythons” stay in warm, dark places” – like, say, in a hole next to a porch – and “that it probably hasn’t gone that far.”

The Dartmouth notes that the python is back in its cage now that its outing is over.

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