What if Trayvon was white?

Wayne Allyn Root Author, The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide
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President Obama weighed in on a local court case — again. He asked, “what if Trayvon was white?” I believe the answer is clear.

If Trayvon was white, there would have been no national headlines. No one outside Sanford, Florida would have even heard about the case. A black George Zimmerman would never have been charged with a crime. And if there had been a trial, and a black Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty,” you can bet your last dollar that Obama’s Justice Department would not be considering “civil rights charges.” If they did, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would call it “double jeopardy” and “a modern day lynching of an innocent black man.”

The reality is that white Americans are killed by black Americans every day, but the national media never report it because they are afraid of being called “racist.” I can’t remember ever seeing or hearing race mentioned on the national news unless it is a white-on-black crime. And then, it is the centerpiece of the story, and always blamed on “racism.”

By the way, George Zimmerman isn’t white. He is Hispanic. But liberals never let facts get in the way of a good story. That’s why the media and the race baiters have coined a new phrase: “white Hispanic.”

The same fear of being called “racist” is exactly the reason the national media never reports black on black crime, which has become a national tragedy. Cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Obama’s Chicago are “killing fields” for young black men. They are more dangerous for black Americans than Afghanistan or Iraq. Why doesn’t the national media report on this tragedy? Why hasn’t Obama ever held a press conference to discuss that crisis? It is certainly much more devastating to the black community.

Could Obama name any of the black murder victims in Chicago that were shot by other blacks during the Zimmerman trial? Why are those young men that look like Obama’s son any less important? Is it because their deaths don’t stir up racial anger or resentment?

Here’s another difference — if the victim were white there would be no involvement by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, or tweets by liberal Hollywood celebrities, or protests across America. When was the last time any of the race baiters weighed in on a murder involving a white American? When was the last time a white person being murdered resulted in protests or rioting? Can you name one? Have white people ever protested en mass about a black accused criminal getting found “Not Guilty?” Did the OJ verdict cause rioting by white Americans?

Here is something else we know: If Trayvon had been white, the President of the United States would never have gotten involved in a local court case. Never. So, why did he get involved here? The primary reason is to create a distraction from the tragedy of his failed policies and never ending scandals. He is doing all he can to keep Americans from focusing on the sinking U.S. economy, the unthinkable national debt, the record number of Americans on welfare and food stamps, the millions left jobless, the bankruptcy of Detroit, the murder and mayhem of Chicago, the unraveling of Obamacare, the IRS scandal, the Benghazi scandal, the AP spying scandal, the James Rosen spying scandal, the Kathleen Sebelius extortion scandal, the Fast & Furious scandal, and wars and unrest all over the Middle East.

The reality is Obama is using Trayvon to change the subject. He’s hiding behind Trayvon’s murder to get the media and voters’ minds off his own scandals and failures. As he has done repeatedly, he is changing the conversation to save his own skin. Trayvon is Obama’s WMD — his weapon of mass distraction. He’ll exploit Trayvon as long as he possibly can, so he doesn’t have to explain his own IRS scandal. As Saul Alinsky taught Obama — “the ends justify the means.”

Another obvious difference is if the victim was white, Obama would never have weighed in about “white angst, or white pain.” Should our President be feeling the pain of only one race of Americans? What about the rest of us? Don’t our feelings count? Isn’t Obama the president of all Americans, of all races? Is this president trying to bring us together, or tear us apart?

In the end though, Obama is right. If Trayvon were white, this would all be different. And if Obama were a white president and he weighed in on a local black-on-white murder, he’d be called racist, ignorant, insensitive, and drummed out of office by the liberal media, race baiters, and the NAACP.

You know the definition of a racist, don’t you? Anyone winning an argument with a liberal.