Conflicting accounts about Anthony Weiner’s 2011 text flirtation with high school girl

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Anthony Weiner’s account of the number of text messages he sent to a then-17-year-old girl in 2011 differs substantially from the number of tweets that the girl and her family said they received.

Weiner and the family of Margaret Henning also gave conflicting accounts of the contents of those private messages during a police investigation of the former New York congressman’s relationship with the girl.

Henning’s mother Donna Synnamon, an unnamed family member and Weiner have all given contradictory accounts of just how many private messages Henning received from the congressman, with the mother saying she got two messages, the family member three, and Weiner saying he sent five.

Donna Synnamon and Margaret Henning. @dsynnamon

Henning, now 19, was a high school student in Delaware, and is currently enrolled in the Arizona State University. Neither she nor her family returned repeated requests for comment.

Henning was one of many young women with whom Weiner maintained furtive Twitter relationships while he was in Congress. She is the only one known to have been underage at the time.

Weiner, whose campaign for New York City mayor is collapsing, has been back in the news following revelations that he continued sexual Twitter relationships with an unknown number of women even after he resigned from Congress in disgrace. Weiner has declined to say definitely that he no longer sexts with strange women today.

The new revelations and Weiner’s determination to keep himself in the public eye have brought new attention to unanswered questions about his behavior two years ago.

In June 2011 New Castle County police visited the Wilmington home of Henning and her mother. At the time, Henning gave conflicting accounts of how many messages she received. Henning told FoxNews.com’s Jana Winter that she was “doing OK” after the police visit.

The police did take, and later returned, the girl’s laptop. A records officer from the New Castle County police department declined to give out any other information about the case, saying that this reporter needed to file a subpoena to get the police logs.

When news of Weiner’s having sent her lewd messages surfaced, Henning quickly blocked her account and changed her twitter handle @maggiehenning, but at the end of the month, she returned to Twitter, tweeting, “I didn’t do shit and I’m in no way involved in your political bullshit.” She later deleted the account.

Henning is a political liberal and a supporter of gay marriage, but she works for Chick Fil-A in the Concord Mall and supports drug-testing welfare recipients, according to her Facebook page. She works with her boyfriend’s mother, Gretchen Trotter, who is a pro-Second Amendment, pro-life Blaze reader.

Maggie Henning with Dan Cathy. Facebook

Henning is pictured on her Facebook page with Dan Cathy, president and COO of Chick Fil-A, with the caption, “We really don’t agree on a single thing, except for a love of chicken and outstanding service.”

In a timeline posted by blogger Patterico, Henning publicly expressed her love for Weiner, who then began to follow her. Weiner stopped following her after he was noticed. Henning then reminded Weiner that he used to follow her and told him to follow her again, which Weiner did.

Henning then commented about Weiner (“my true love), her love of married men, and using mustard as a lube.


Weiner’s sexting obsession came to light in 2011, after he accidentally sent out a public selfie of his crotch. As news of his sexual tweeting spread, Weiner tried various evasions, including claiming that his Twitter account had been hacked by the late Andrew Breitbart and even going so far as to spend $45,000 in campaign funds on a private detective to find the phantom hacker. He resigned in June 2011 after confessing to his dishonesty and sexting fixation in a dramatic news conference that was memorably hijacked by Breitbart.


This month’s news of Weiner’s sexting relationship with 23-year-old college sophomore Sydney Leathers parallels his earlier scandal in many ways. For example, then-17-year-old Henning singled out a Weiner speech on health care for a gushing tweet. Leathers, too, revealed her fondness for this speech in an exchange during which Weiner implored her to “tell me what picture of me you like the most or turned you on the most.”

“Specifically your health care rants were a huge turn on,” Leathers anti-climactically replied.

Weiner’s collapsing mayoral campaign has suffered communications problems of its own. After a Weiner intern described the campaign as rife with staff departures, non-payment of workers and lying in an article for the New York Daily News Tuesday, Weiner’s communications director shot back in an interview with Talking Points Memo, calling the intern a “twat,” “bitch,” “cunt” and “slutbag.”

Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin, an aide and close confidante to former first lady, New York Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said in a news conference last week that she is standing by her disgraced husband. But most prominent liberal Democrats, including the Clintons, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the New York Times editorial board, have abandoned him

Although the extent of Weiner’s sexual communications to Henning are unknown, her high school crush on him was on full public display before she deleted her account and has been saved.


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