Booker fights back against raccoon charges

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Newark mayor and Democratic New Jersey Senate candidate Cory Booker is fighting back against charges that he broke his promise to help a woman with her raccoon infestation.

“Thanks to you and Officer Skinner,” a Newark-based Twitter user named “Alice B” tweeted to Mayor Booker early Thursday afternoon, along with the below photograph.

Alice tweeted to Booker for help with her raccoon infestation Wednesday morning, leading Booker to reply, “On it,” at 10:57 AM Wednesday.

Alice tweeted at Booker again at 5:24 PM, “HELP raccoon infestation….we have light 2 see the raccoons now,” to which Booker did not respond. (RELATED: Cory Booker breaks promise to help woman with raccoon infestation)

“So far I haven’t heard from him” Alice told TheDC shortly before midnight on Wednesday night, more than 12 hours after Booker promised to help Alice with her raccoon infestation.

But Newark’s heroic mayor was apparently taking action behind the scenes.

“The Division of Animal Control first went to the residence on Homestead yesterday…to deal with this raccoon complaint. They did indeed go back today to check on the trap and found the raccoon…Animal Control went on the mayor’s orders, as raccoons are typically the responsibility of the property owner,” Booker communications director James Allen told The Daily Caller.

“Mayor Booker reached out to the appropriate city employees and directed them to handle the situation… The raccoon has been captured and the resident thanked the mayor for his help,” Allen said.

“Animal control officials arrived at the residence within hours of the mayor’s tweet. Though unwanted raccoons, skunks and foxes are the responsibility of property owners, the City of Newark voluntarily set up two different traps in this particular case. Our Division of Animal Control will be checking these traps frequently,” Allen said.

“Mayor man of his word. On it,” Alice told TheDC.

A spokesman for the city of Newark attempted to verify Booker’s office’s version of events, saying, “I will look into the case of the raccoons. My pleasure.” He later referred to Allen’s statements, according to Allen.

Booker has consistently used Twitter this election cycle to promise to help his constituents and Newark-based pets with their various problems, recently saving two different dogs in distress.

Booker leads in a recent Democratic Senate primary poll with 54 percent support.

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