Louisiana man facing charges after riding his horse into a bar and lassoing a man outside

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“A man rides into a bar on a horse…” might sound like the beginning of a joke, but it was, in fact, the beginning of the end of one Louisiana man’s night.

Twenty-six year-old Jeremy Rene Mouton is now facing criminal charges after becoming “highly intoxicated,” riding his horse into Cowboys saloon — not once, but twice — and lassoing a man in the parking lot Tuesday night.

Mouton was arrested early Wednesday morning and booked on disturbing the peace, remaining after being forbidden, second-degree-battery and public intimidation and retaliation, according to a report in The Advocate, based in Baton Rouge.

It all began when Mouton reportedly got quite drunk at Cowboys, a saloon in Scott, LA and decided to take his horse out of his trailer.

“He proceeded to ride the horse into the bar, causing a major disturbance,” Scott Police Chief Chad Leger said in a statement. “He exited the bar and rode within the 200 block of North Ambassador Caffery Parkway before returning to enter the bar once more.”

According to the Advocate’s report, a “concerned patron” helped Mouton and the horse to the door, where outside Mouton “roped” a man with a lasso and dragged him through the parking lot.

After his drunken rogue cowboy impression, Mouton returned the horse to his parents’ home nearby and walked back to Cowboys.

“Mouton was located by officers shortly after as he attempted to hide behind newly manufactured trailers” parked in front of the bar,” The Advocate quoted Leger. Once in custody Mouton, threatened police.

Mouton’s initial court date has been set for Friday morning.

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