Kanye West booed, and other geo-political disasters

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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By “Matt Lewis & The News” guest blogger R.J. Moeller

The Nile River may be running red with blood, but Egypt’s problems pale in comparison to the travesty that took place at Dodger Stadium the other night.

From Yahoo! Music News:

Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy looked on as the Dodgers beat the New York Mets on Wednesday night in L.A., but he didn’t get a warm reception from the crowd.

When West was shown on the jumbotron at Dodgers Stadium, the “Black Skinhead” rapper was booed by fans.

ESPN reporter Arash Markazi documented the incident on Twitter.

Of course Arash did! How else would we know about such things? I mean, I’ve been live-Tweeting friends’ weddings for nearly two years now. And you have to believe that this public shaming of one of America’s surliest entertainers was more interesting than the beleaguered “Best Man’s toast” at the #JohnsonNuptials.

In Egypt, Twitter is being used to share up-to-the-second reports of the beginnings of a civil war; state-side we’ve got Tweets and Twit Pics depicting the scene at a Kanye West boo-fest.

You know when a player’s name sounds kind of like the word “boo” – such as Moises Alou or Luc Longley – and the announcer feels like they have to explain to the fans that their home-town star isn’t being booed? Yeah, that wasn’t needed here.

And I suppose for anyone who was confused as to whether or not the crowd was excited to see Mr. West defiantly watching the game he probably hates because it was invented by a white guy, there was this extra tidbit in the story:

When “Blurred Lines” singer Robin Thicke was shown on the big stadium screen he got a loud ovation of cheers.

Kanye West lives in a free country. He lives in a country that embraced him as an up-and-coming rapper/producer in 2004 and millions have purchased his albums ever since. His response to all of the amassed wealth and adoration has been to become increasingly hostile and obnoxious. He’s now reduced himself to writing songs about being a “Black Skinhead.”

This county and culture he’s so upset with is far from perfect, but at least our biggest feuds play themselves out over something called Twitter (and involve little more than bruised egos). If Kanye West had any real spine (or desire to “speak truth to power”), his next song would be titled something like “Honor Killings Are Forever” or “Muslim Brotherhood Blues.”

Thanks for the blog-post fodder, Yeezus!

R.J. Moeller is a blogger, podcast host and CEO of the media/entertainment company Hashtag Productions LL