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John Kerry punishes State Department officials Hillary Clinton “fired” by sending them back to their desks

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After all: What difference, at this point, does it make?

Josh Rogin at the Daily Beast reports:

Secretary of State John Kerry has determined that the four State Department officials placed on administrative leave by Hillary Clinton after the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi do not deserve any formal disciplinary action and has asked them to come back to work at the State Department starting Tuesday.

Last December, Clinton’s staff told four mid-level officials to clean out their desks and hand in their badges after the release of the report of its own internal investigation into the Benghazi attack, compiled by the Administrative Review Board led by former State Department official Tom Pickering and former Joint Chiefs Chairman Ret. Adm. Mike Mullen. Those four officials have been in legal and professional limbo, not fired but unable to return to their jobs, for eight months… until today.

So, the State Dept. made a big show of “transparency” and “accountability,” but it was all a bunch of horsecrap? They’re acting like they’re above the law, because apparently they are? Weird.

But just calm down, teabagger. This isn’t a tacit admission that Hillary Clinton threw a few underlings under the bus to distract from her own incompetence and dishonesty. Because shut up.

Hillary ’16!!!

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