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Nidal Hasan found guilty of being ignored by his superiors

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Also, murdering 14 people, including a pregnant woman who begged for her baby’s life. Which wouldn’t have happened if anybody in the Army had the balls to drum him out for his increasingly obvious Islamic radicalism.

USA Today:

Maj. Nidal Hasan, the radicalized Army psychiatrist who turned his gun on fellow soldiers at Fort Hood four years ago in the name of jihad, was found guilty Friday of all counts, including premeditated murder.

He now faces the death penalty and could be the first person the U.S. military puts to death in more than 50 years…

As the verdict was read, Hasan had no visible reaction.

Of course not. His tiny brain was filled with thoughts of his 72 virgins.

Well, that only took four years and millions of dollars. To tell us what we all knew already.

As usual, I’m with Burge:

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