Matt Lewis

ObamaCare: A disaster the public could love

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor

Like a lot of people, much of what I do is for free (it’s not just for interns!). Bloggingheads.TV is one example. I do it every week pro bono. There are plenty of benefits, though, including the fact that it often provides me with blog fodder.

Such was the case last week when Justin Green and I discussed the GOP’s ObamaCare paradox. Our conversation ended up being the inspiration for my latest column at The Week. Here’s an excerpt:

“[W]hat happens if and when ObamaCare is fully implemented, and it’s not an absolute disaster? What if Americans actually like it? That’s what Republicans really fear, and why many are furiously scrambling to delay and defund the law.


Now, this is not to say that ObamaCare won’t be destructive — just that it might not immediately look that way. “The problematic part,” the Washington Examiner’s Justin Green recently told me, is “‘if they get these exchanges to work, people will probably like it. And it will have a negative trajectory for the economic wellbeing of the country, but not in a way that people will personally and immediately feel it — and not in a way that you can quickly measure.'”

Read the whole thing here. And watch our discussion below: