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By the way, Dennis Rodman is back in North Korea

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It’s arguable that, as it stands today, Dennis Rodman is the best diplomat the United States has. And by “arguable,” I mean “sadly obvious.”


The former basketball star Dennis Rodman returned Tuesday to North Korea, where he plans “to see my friend” Kim Jong-un, the dictator whose country until recently was threatening to annihilate the United States with nuclear weapons…

His visit comes amid a thaw in relations between North and South Korea, sworn enemies that just months ago appeared to be on the brink of military conflict.

Mr. Rodman’s last trip to Pyongyang was sponsored by Vice Media, and he drew wide criticism for cozying up to a government with a long record of human rights abuses. This time, he said his trip was being sponsored by Paddy Power, an Irish gambling operation.

I honestly don’t know if that’s a step up or down from Vice Magazine. Let’s call it a lateral move.

As ever, I’m only posting this so you can once more enjoy the trailer for the greatest motion picture ever made:

Hollywood just wasn’t ready for Rodman. Their loss is Pyongyang’s gain.

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