Vigilante ‘Diana the Hunter’ avenges rapes, kills two bus drivers

Bethan Owen Contributor
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A mysterious vigilante calling herself “Diana the Hunter” is murdering Mexican bus drivers in the border city of Ciudad Juarez.

Diana, who is estimated to be in her fifties and around 5’4″, shot two bus drivers in the head, authorities said Tuesday. Both drivers, Diana later claimed via email, were known to sexually assault women.

Many women in the area of Mexico — an area notorious for its violence against women — work in assembly plants, The Raw Story reports. There have been at least 12 reports of sexual assaults occurring on the buses that carry these women to their jobs, particularly during night shifts. Police are now investigating these 12 reports to determine whether Diana is among the women.

Diana sent an email to local media outlets containing the following lines:

“My colleagues and I have suffered in silence, but they can no longer keep us quiet.”

“We were victims of sexual violence by drivers who worked during the night shift at the (plants) in Juarez. While many people know about our suffering, nobody defends us or does anything to protect us,”

“I am an instrument of vengeance.”

The message also promised that the killings would continue.

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Bethan Owen