Who’s the biggest loser? Weiner vs. Spitzer [POLL]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Between Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, the democratic process in New York City has never been a bigger punchline. The two both fell from political grace by either sending random women pictures of their penises or having extramarital affairs.

Both tried and failed to stage career comebacks as New York City’s mayor and comptroller, respectively. So, who’s the biggest loser of them all? And we don’t mean it the NBC sense of the term, when “biggest loser” is actually a good thing.

Let’s break it down:

Anthony Weiner:

  • Ran and lost the Democratic primary for Mayor of New York City
  • Used “Carlos Danger” as sexting alter ego
  • Looks manorexic
  • Sexting partner starred in a porno, is now more famous than he is
  • Wife has not left him yet (but probably will)
  • Flipped off a reporter, which is actually kind of hilarious and awesome

Eliot Spitzer:

  • Ran and lost the primary race for Comptroller of New York City, whatever that is
  • Wears black socks during sex
  • Resembles the Grim Reaper
  • Mistress tried to make a record deal, but it didn’t pan out
  • Wife has already left him
  • Did not flip off a reporter (that we know of)

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