Emily Miller on her Piers Morgan appearance: ‘It was just like watching a child have a temper tantrum’

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Emily Miller

“I was terrified,” confesses Emily Miller.

She isn’t talking about the home invasion that led her to the grueling process of purchase a firearm for protection, either. Instead, she’s talking about her recent appearance on CNN with Piers Morgan.

“He’s really just outrageous.”

“He’s overdramatic. He’s an actor ,” she says.

Miller was on the CNN show to promote her new book, Emily Gets Her Gun.

“My rector at my church–my priest–and I had a discussion about how to handle Piers Morgan,” she says. “To me, it was just like watching a child have a temper tantrum.”

If you ask me, she more than handled her own.

Listen to streaming audio of my full conversation with Emily Miller here (and download the podcast on iTunes.)

Matt K. Lewis