Awful students willing to send care packages to al-Qaida [VIDEO]

Robby Soave Reporter
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Several college students signed a petition to send care packages to al-Qaida-aligned rebel fighters in Syria, wrongly believing that the initiative was sponsored by President Obama.

In reality, the petition was the product of a stunt designed to expose misinformed liberal students.

The stunt was conducted by Liberal Chick, a satirical reporter masquerading as a liberal activist for Clash Daily, a conservative website. She visited Broward College, a state college in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, posing as a signature gatherer for the Obama administration. She told students that for every person who signed her petition, the White House would send a care package to al-Qaida freedom fighters in Syria.

“I’m doing a project for the White House,” she told the students. “We are sending care packages for the Muslim al-Qaida brothers who are being persecuted in Syria.”

Several students signed the petition immediately. Others were hesitant to sign until Obama’s name was mentioned.

A campus security guard who refused to sign the petition eventually asked Liberal Chick to leave. She picked a new location, and continued her search for signatures.

She asked two students who signed enthusiastically, “Do you guys know what’s going on in Syria?” Both nodded in the affirmative.

In an email to The Daily Caller, Liberal Chick said that she collected 18 signatures in 20 minutes.

“No one caught on,” she wrote.


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