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Hey, remember Occupy Wall Street?

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Remember how they changed the world by turning public places in cities across America into squalid, violent, rape-ridden shantytowns? Remember that one guy pooping on a cop car? Remember those dudes who tried to blow up that bridge in Cleveland? Ahhh, such happy memories. Can you believe it’s been two years already?

Good news, up-twinklers: They’re gettin’ the band back together! They just sent out the following press release…

To Commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Economic Crisis and 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is celebrating its second anniversary on September 17, and is joining forces with global solidarity, nationally and locally for a multi year-long campaign.

Money Out of Politics

To commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and the Movement’s call to create a Presidential Commission to separate money from politics, a Money Out Of Politics coalition that consists of millions of Americans including Occupy Wall Street, Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party will rally to support the separation of money from politics and enacting public campaign financing laws so that each American’s voice will have equal weight and corporations will no longer have undue influence over the legislative process and public policy. This, in turn, will help lead to fair elections, fair trade and fair taxation.

Fair elections includes representatives that carry out the will of more than 90% of the population that demands gun safety laws that will save many of the ten thousand Americans killed by gun violence each year. Fair trade includes stopping a fast track of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreements (TAFTA) in order to preserve good paying jobs in the US and around the world, protect civil liberties and prevent a global race to the bottom in environmental, financial, labor and food safety regulations.

Fair taxation includes corporations and the wealthy paying the same effective tax rate as the middle class and enacting a 0.5% financial transaction tax (the robin hood tax) raising more than 500 Billion Dollars a year that would provides free preschool through college education for all American, expand access to affordable health care, rebuilt the infrastructure with a green grid that would create millions of good paying American jobs and save many lives from pollution related diseases as well as reduce the deficit.

Commission To Investigate Government Corruption – 1 Place Plaza, Pace University- September 17th 6PM

The Robin Hood Tax

To commemorate the 2nd Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, the Robin Hood tax coalition that consists of two hundred million supporters around the world including Occupy Wall Street, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, The Vatican, The AFL-CIO, Lawrence Summers, Nancy Pelosi, Nobel Prize Laureates Desmond Tutu, Al Gore, Joseph Stigliz and Paul Krugman will rally to support H.R. 1579, the Inclusive Prosperity Act, a financial transaction tax of 0.5% that will raise hundreds of billions of dollars a year that puts people before profit and helps stabilize the financial markets. Dozens of major economies have already implemented this tax. 11 countries including Germany and France will begin to implement the tax on January 1.

United Nations – Dag Hammerskjold Plaza 47th St. and 2nd Ave -September 17th 5PM

Press Conference at Zuccotti Park 10:15am with Spokespeople for Money Out Of Politics Coalition, Robin Hood Tax Coalition, , Occupy Wall Street, Fair Wage Workers, Alternative Banking Reform, Families of Gun Violence, Occupy Sandy and more.

Other plans for the day include autonomous actions in and around Zuccotti Park 8-1lam, march from Zuccotti at 9am, Stop the TPP and TAFTA rally 12-1pm Washington Square Park, Money Warz parody 2pm Times Square, Justice for the 99% Assembly 8pm at Zuccotti Park, film screening critically acclaimed Occupy Love and award winning The 99%: Occupy Everywhere 10:00pm

See you tomorrow at this very important event, everybody. Don’t forget the RID®!