Newly crowned Miss America slammed on Twitter [VIDEO]

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The new Miss America’s coronation was darkened by a slew of tweets about her ethnicity.

Nina Davuluri, crowned Miss America Sept. 15 in Atlantic City, caused a Twitter firestorm on Sunday.

Davuluri was the subject of a series of tweets saying she should not be Miss America because of her Indian descent.

Part of Davuluri’s platform for the Miss America pagaent is “celebrating diversity through cultural competency.”

BuzzFeed collected many of the tweets before some were deleted. Most were outraged at how a foreigner won Miss America, and many misunderstood Davuluri’s heritage: “She is a Arab! [sic],” one Twitterer complained.

The most unfortunate connection made with Davuluri was to terrorism: “9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?,” said another Twitter user.