CAIR attacks Fox News, Limbaugh, Levin as ‘Islamophobic’

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WASHINGTON — The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) denounced a number of popular media organizations and Americans as “Islamophobic” in a report released Thursday.

The Muslim advocacy group calls out such entities as Fox News, The Rush Limbaugh Show, the Washington Times, National Review, The Mark Levin Show, and The Savage Nation as part of the “outer core” of the so-called “Islamophobic Network.”

According to the report, the 32 “outer core” groups are comprised of “[g]roups or individuals whose primary purpose does not appear to include promoting prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims but whose work regularly demonstrates or supports Islamophobic themes.”

The outer core is not quite as explicitly Islamophobic as the “inner core,” the group alleges, tagging 37 groups “whose primary purpose is to promote prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims and whose work regularly demonstrates Islamophobic themes.”

Included in their list of  “inner” groups are the David Horowitz Freedom Center, the Middle East Media Research Institute and the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

The report traces the money to and from “Islamphobic” groups and people, looks at the level of Islamophobia in America, “anti-Islam” legislation, and discrimination.

CAIR — an un-indicted co-conspirator in the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial — also calls out Foster Friess for his support of CAIR-proclaimed Islamophobes including presidential candidate Rick Santorum. The group includes former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, New York Republican Rep. Peter King, Former Florida Republican Rep. Allen West, and the president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy Zuhdi Jasser on their so called “Worst List Inductees”

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, Illinois Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin, and the Democratic members of the House Homeland Security Committee, on the other hand, are named on CAIR’s “Best List Inductees.”

CAIR held a news conference on the report –“Legislating Fear: Islamophobia and its Impact in the United States 2011-2012” — Thursday morning.

While The Daily Caller was absent from CAIR’s list of Islamophobic news outlets, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper prevented TheDC from attending the press conference Thursday — showing TheDC to the door — for being a “hate” group and not “legitimate.”

“You’re credentialed with a hate site,” Hooper said, when TheDC showed Hooper media credentials.

When TheDC pointed out that The Daily Caller is not listed in CAIR’s Islamophobe report, Hooper replied, “you’re not in our news conference either.”

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