Genghis Khan’s namesake slammed with 15-year prison sentence for cocaine possession

Katie McHugh Associate Editor
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A Brooklyn judge handed down a 15-year sentence for Genghis Khan, 24, for cocaine possession on Thursday, reports.

New York state troopers caught Khan after stopping him on the New York state Thruway. The cops found on his person a small amount of marijuana and five grams of cocaine. Police also charged the Khan with tampering with evidence and resisting arrest after they foolishly attempted to handcuff the ferocious warlord’s namesake.

Unsurprisingly, Khan boasts an impressive criminal record with four felony convictions, including grand larceny and attempted robbery — not unlike the Supreme Khan of the Mongols, who looted and razed villages with abandon.

“This guy by all accounts is a major drug dealer,” Rockland attorney Thomas Zugibe said, without specifying how much drug territory Khan’s relatively small five-gram stash would allow him to control. The deceased warlord, by comparison, built a sprawling transcontinental empire that unified Eurasia under a grand age of Pax Mongolica.

Zugibe indicated that Khan’s prior felonies, including a conviction in Vermont for cocaine possession, worked against him. “The interdiction by the state police probably saved lives. They seized a lot of drugs that could have wound up being used by our children,” he said.

The sentencing brings an end to a months-long trial and a modern-day reign of terror.

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