The Steve Jobs of hedge funds explains the economy [VIDEO]

Thomas Phippen Acting Editor-In-Chief
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Ray Dalio, head of the very-successful hudgefund Bridgewater Associates, released a video Sunday explaining his understanding of the economy.

In a slick, 31-minute video, Dalio reveals the unmentioned secrets of the the economy by comparing financial markets, debt cycles and central banking to parts of a giant economic machine.

Dalio’s video contains exactly zero surprises, with statements like, “increased productivity is the only way for growth,” and, “most of what people call money is actually credit.”

The best parts of the video, however, are the frequent analogies to purchasing drinks at a bar — and the subsequent fisticuffs when a customer fails to pay his bar tab.

As the man Forbes magazine called “the king of the rich hedge fund industry,” Dalio’s success in the market certainly gives him the credentials to speak about the economy. And isn’t it natural to learn about economics from a brusque New York tenor?

Thomas Phippen