McAuliffe attacked for abortion record

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The pro-life Women Speak Out is defending an ad campaign calling out Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s liberal abortion record.

Monday, Virginia Principles Fund released a new ad attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for his liberal abortion record.

“The gift of life: innocent, beautiful, a miracle from God, and our responsibility to protect,” a female narrator says in the baby-centric portion of the ad.

“Terry McAuliffe supports abortion on demand at any time for any reason — paid for by Virginia taxpayers,” the narrator says to a black-background image of McAuliffe. “Terry McAuliffe, not our values, wrong for Virginia.”

The McAuliffe campaign reacted by calling the attack “false.”

“Considering that [Republican gubernatorial candidate] Ken Cuccinelli wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest, has tried to outlaw common forms of birth control like the pill and even said his ultimate goal is to make abortion disappear in America, it’s no surprise that his extreme friends would try to come in and rescue him by launching false and misleading attacks,” McAuliffe spokesman Josh Schwerin told POLITICO, which first reported about the ads airing in Norfolk and Roanoke media markets.

Women Speak Out Virginia, affiliated with the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List, however, responded that the McAuliffe campaign has not been direct about his “radical record supporting abortion on demand, up until the moment of birth, all paid for by the taxpayers.”

“If the McAuliffe campaign sees a single inaccuracy in this new ad, let them point it out,” Emily Buchanan, treasurer of Women Speak Out Virginia, said. “To date, Terry McAuliffe has refused to name even a single case in which he would protect the life of an unborn child.”

Last week Women Speak Out used the Philadelphia abortionist convicted of murder, Kermit Gosnell, to attack McAuliffe for opposing additional health standards and regulations for Virginia abortion providers.

In an email to supporters Monday, McAuliffe addressed the criticisms by attacking Cuccinelli’s own “extremist” abortion record.

“I’m not afraid of Susan B. Anthony List or the other fringe groups backing Ken Cuccinelli because of his extreme views, because I know that most Virginians share my view that women should make their own healthcare decisions.  If you agree too, join my campaign, and tell Ken Cuccinelli that the government has no business interfering with women’s health decisions,” the fundraising email read.

McAuliffe was leading Cuccinelli 42.2 percent to 38 percent in the most recent Real Clear Politics average.

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