WEINSTEIN: If you vote for Obama’s salary and plane, you own Obama’s policies

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Any Republican who votes to fund President Obama’s salary will be declaring they stand with the president and his agenda.

These are the times that try men’s souls. President Obama’s policies have been a disaster. Domestically, the economy is stagnant. Internationally, the world is on fire. Yet Congress is poised to support a continuing resolution that funds not only President Obama’s salary, but his use of the White House and Air Force One.

Though President Obama was re-elected, the latest Gallup tracking poll shows more Americans disapprove of President Obama’s handling of his job than support it. It’s clear the American people don’t want the president to continue advancing his traitorous agenda.

Republicans were elected to stop the president, not to support him. Any Republican who votes for a continuing resolution that funds the president and the luxuries of his office is declaring he or she supports the president and his agenda. They will own President Obama and his record. There are no two ways about it.

Though the Republican surrender caucus and the Washington establishment currently oppose such a defunding effort, if the American people rise up, they can force it. Frankly, our country depends on it.

Call your congressman and ask him, why should President Obama be paid for screwing up the country? When ordinary Americans screw up as badly as Obama has, they don’t get paid, much less get the use of a private plane and a big mansion.

Before the elite media gets ahold of this and spins that I am arguing for a government shutdown, let me be clear: I do not want a government shutdown. I want the government to be fully funded with the exception of the president’s salary and the costs of maintaining the White House and Air Force One. If President Obama and the Democrats want to shut down the government over the president’s fancy living, that’s on them.

Let me also address a slander that will likely be hurled against me. Some may say that the president’s salary is a constitutional matter and Congress can’t simply defund it in a continuing resolution. Look, I’m not claiming to be some expert of technicalities. If that’s the case, the GOP should be pushing a constitutional amendment to defund Obama, not coming up with excuses.

Finally, if this movement is going to succeed, we are going to need a Twitter hashtag. If you stand with the grassroots against President Obama and believe his salary should be defunded, I am depending on you to tweet incessantly in capital letters with the hashtag #DEFUNDOBAMA!!!

This won’t be easy. I know it is hard for some to imagine President Obama willingly signing a bill that would kick him and his children out of their home. But if the American people rise up, anything is possible, even if it is technically impossible.

Republicans must stand together on this. They can’t blink. To save America, we must defund Obama.

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