Watch this high school marching band’s six tuba pileup during halftime show

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Six of the eight tuba players in the marching band at Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas got entangled in a multi-tuba pileup during the halftime show at a football game over the weekend.

The resulting fracas, which is going viral on YouTube this week, was sort of sad but mostly just hilarious.

Things started going badly when the eight tuba players in the Cavalier marching band impressively switched direction to walk backwards, all in a row.

The last two tuba players appear to have it made it through the backwards walking unscathed. However, the first six did not. After one tripped and fell over, the next five fell like so many dominoes in a mound of humanity and shiny silver instruments.

Nobody was hurt during the melee, according to YouTube uploader Wes Rowe. However, he noted, a couple tubas were damaged.

And, by the way, the band played heroically on.

(For the record, the Daily Mail reports that the instruments were actually sousaphones, which are closely related to tubas.)


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