GOP congressman: No Kansans signed up for Obamacare on first day

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Rep. Tim Huelskamp says that none of his fellow Kansans have been able to enroll in Obamacare due to widespread glitches and technical malfunctions.

“My office recently spoke with one of the insurers in Kansas who told us that not one, not one, of the 365,000 uninsured Kansans successfully signed up for insurance on the Obamacare exchanges the first day,” Huelskamp, who himself tried and failed to enroll in the program on Tuesday, said on the House floor.

Huelskamp described his struggles with the online system, and said he had still been on “hold” with the system for 60 hours.

“Error message after error message. Failed security standards and 60 hours on website hold for just this one Kansan. It is clear, Obamacare is failing — an embarrassment, particularly for the former Kansas governor who is now in charge of Obamacare,” Huelskamp said.

Huelskamp tweeted out images of his struggles with the Obamacare online exchange Tuesday morning.

“We have been warned time and time again that ObamaCare is not ready for prime time. Well, it turns out that is right,” he said Tuesday.

Reuters reported Tuesday evening that Kansas officials encouraged residents to wait a few weeks to enroll so that all the “bugs” could be worked out.

“Basically, when we’ve been out talking to the crowds in various locations, we’ve been encouraging them to wait maybe two or three weeks to let some of the potential bugs or glitches smooth out,” Linda Sheppard, a “top” official at the Kansas Insurance Department, said, according to the Kansas Health Institute.


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