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If only our consulate in Benghazi had been as well-protected as the National WWII Memorial

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Remember: It’s the Republicans’ fault that Obama has to close down this open-air memorial, which actually costs more than just letting people go there as usual. It’s not Obama’s fault, because he is Obama.


John McCormack at the Weekly Standard has more on this very important security measure:

On Tuesday morning, seven National Park Service employees were seen erecting and tending to a barricade around the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C…. There usually aren’t any NPS employees working at the World War II memorial.

A couple hours later, when an Honor Flight of World War II veterans arrived, accompanied by Democratic and Republican members of Congress, the fences blocking the memorial were easily moved away, allowing the veterans to enter.

But the barriers are still at the memorial, and they’ve been reinforced.

Good! And if one of these WWII vets — these wheelchair-bound, warmongering worms — cuts those wires, I hope he gets rolled away in handcuffs for resisting the will of King Barry the First.

Who do you people think you are? Americans? Have you forgotten already?

Common rabble. Do as you are bid, or be silent.

Update: Priests threatened with arrest if they minister to military during shutdown. Damn you, Rethuglicans!!!

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Jim Treacher