Is Jared Remy innocent of stabbing his girlfriend on the porch in front of his neighbor, bro?

Matthew Bedford Freelance Contributor
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On Monday, Jared Remy, the son of Boston Red Sox announcer and former second baseman Jerry Remy, gave his first jailhouse interview since being charged with the brutal Aug. 15 murder of his baby mama, Jennifer Martel.  He has since been awaiting trial at Middlesex County Jail in Cambridge, Mass.

During his interview with a Boston Herald reporter, Jared claims the charges against him are untrue and ridiculous. When asked why he killed the mother of his child, Jared’s response was, “No. That’s ridiculous. How dumb would I have to be? I loved her, I still love her.”

Apparently he is “dumb” and arrogant, considering Remy has a very long history of violence against females, dating all the way back to 1998.

  • In 1998, Remy was charged with assault and battery on a third female and malicious destruction of property.
  • In 2001, he was arrested for attacking a man with a beer bottle.
  • In 2002, Remy was arrested for threatening to kill someone.
  • In March 2003, he was arrested for attacking a woman with a beer bottle.
  • In July 2003, he was arrested for assault and battery on his girlfriend.
  • And in 2005, he was arrested for beating up that same girl– now his ex-girlfriend — at his apartment when she came to collect her belongings.

Don’t think it’s too “dumb” to accuse him of murdering her. According to the police report, Jared was witnessed by several neighbors stabbing her repeatedly on their outdoor patio. One neighbor even attempted to pull Remy off of her, but was driven away after he started swinging a knife at him.

“It’s not an easy thing to watch; it’s not an easy thing to try and stop,’’ said Benjamin Ray, the resident who attempted to stop the horrific attack. “I did what I could to stop it. And it wasn’t enough.”

Just two days before the murder, Remy was arrested for allegedly attacking her in their town house and smashing her face through a mirror. He was released on bail with a court order not to abuse Ms. Martel.

Remy still maintains his innocence throughout the 30-minute interview, even claiming his “famous” family name is playing a major part in his murder trial being so public. “You know, I think we’re just like normal people,” he said. “But if our name was Smith, you’d never see any of this in the newspaper.”

Since being locked up, Remy hasn’t had any contact with his daughter, who was present during her mother’s murder. “If she chooses to know me at some point and wants to see me, that’s fine. If she doesn’t, that’s fine, too. I just want her to be happy. I love her. I want her to go to high school, I want her to go to college, I want her to have everything in life she deserves,” Remy said. His daughter remains in state custody.

His father, Jerry Remy, took a leave of absence from his duties with the Boston Red Sox organization just days after his son was arrested. He has not seen his son, but has talked with him over recorded phone calls at the facility.

He said of his parents, “They’re very good people. I wish the media would leave them alone. None of this is their fault. They don’t need to be dragged down in this, too.”

As for now, Jared sits in his jail cell awaiting trial.