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Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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My column yesterday on the insidious nature of politics generated a lot of buzz. If you haven’t read it, here’s the gist: By aping the left’s tactics, today’s conservatives are making it harder for a new generation of Christians to square conservative political activism with their faith.

In response, my friend Ed Morrissey penned a column voicing similar concerns, but for different reasons. “The Republican Party, and the conservative movement for that matter, may at some time lose younger Christians, but it won’t be because either push the use of Alinsky-style tactics,” Morrisssey avers. “They’re more likely to lose them through marginalizing the goals of Christians and producing candidates who make hash out of their arguments.”

In short, Morrissey worries that conservatives are reinforcing the impression they don’t care about the poor. “Mitt Romney stumbled into that trap with an explicit reference to those who supposedly pay no federal taxes,” he writes, “and both the GOP and conservatives spent months defending the argument.”

Interestingly, Morrissey’s concerns came up this morning during my segment on Morning Joe.

Read Morrissey’s full column here. And check out the Morning Joe conversation:

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