John Hawkins on rom-coms, Saul Alinsky, and beating Lindsey Graham

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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John Hawkins, the conservative columnist who runs Right Wing News and Linkiest and writes weekly columns for Townhall and PJ Media, is on a mission to defeat Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Next week, Hawkins (who resides in The Palmetto State) plans to unveil a new website called Graham Alerts. “We’re going to be trying to knock off Lindsey Graham,” he said during a recent podcast discussion. “I think Lindsey Graham is done. He’s going to lose. The question is, ‘who’s going to beat him’?”

During our wide-ranging conversation, we also discussed why rom-coms are arguably worse for society than porn, the “war on men,” and whether or not Christian conservatives should use Saul Alinsky’s tactics.

We also discussed his survey of grassroots conservatives which demonstrates they are nearly unanimous in supporting Sen. Ted Cruz, and in blaming Democrats for the government shutdown.

Listen to streaming audio of our full conversation, or download the podcast on iTunes.

Matt K. Lewis