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Kathleen Sebelius to audience of dozens at Obamacare event: Healthcare.gov is “open for business”

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I’d almost feel sorry for Baghdad Kathy, if she weren’t doing her level best to help destroy the United States of America. But she’s a very well-compensated lackey of the most corrupt presidential administration in my lifetime, so she’ll just have to put up with it as I point and laugh at her ridiculous lies.

Alex Nixon(!), Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had a front-row view of the problems plaguing the website that the government established to allow people to shop for health insurance under Obamacare.

Sebelius and Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney were at an enrollment and education event on Thursday at Heinz Field to promote Healthcare.gov, but people who showed up encountered problems in signing up for coverage on the website…

Sebelius, who is making similar trips to cities across the country to spread the word about the website, told the audience of about 100 people that Healthcare.gov was “open for business…”

Asked about the ongoing problems with the website and the fact that people at a government enrollment event couldn’t sign up, Sebelius told reporters that she didn’t know what problems were affecting service at Heinz Field…

“We’re working to ensure it’s easy to use,” Sebelius said, noting that more than 13 million people have visited the site, an “extraordinary” level of traffic.

Is that really an extraordinary level of traffic? I think maybe that’s not really an extraordinary level of traffic. Even if it was, how did they not anticipate it and prepare for it?

And the question isn’t how many people have visited the site, but how many people have been able to use it. The Obama administration isn’t saying anything about that minor distinction, but as Vince Coglianese notes:

The Daily Mail reports that only 51,000 people signed up for Obamacare via Healthcare.gov during its first week, falling far short of the Obama administration’s expectations…

The Congressional Budget Office is hoping for at least 7 million enrollees by the end of the 6-month open enrollment period to keep Obamacare financially afloat. At this rate, total national enrollment would be approximately 2 million, including state-run exchanges.

Seven million, two million… what’s with all these numbers, man? The point is that we’re on the cusp of Utopia. How is King Barry the First supposed to give everybody everything they want, for free, if you guys keep bitching about numbers?

Whatever you do, teabaggers, don’t listen to this guy:

Oh, and don’t ask CGI Federal, the Canadian contractor who got $634 million of our tax dollars to give us the biggest 404 error in history. “No comment.”