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Opinion: Gun control in a vacuum

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By Colion Noir, NRA News Commentator

Gun control supporters like to discount my arguments by saying, “No one’s trying to take the guns away. We just want to make it harder for criminals to get their hands on them.”

I’ve got news for you: No matter what the law says, criminals will still get their hands on guns. Realists like myself understand this, but anti-gunners tend to live in a place called hypothetical land.

People in hypothetical land dream up conclusions about what may or may not happen in reality based on a fabricated, but possible, set of circumstances. And where gun control is concerned, the hypotheticals are usually nowhere close to reality.

So let’s speak hypothetically about … Europe. Since anti-gunners like to compare it to America so much. Hypothetically speaking, a road with no speed limits should have a fatality rate that dwarfs roads that have speed limits. But that isn’t the case. Studies have shown that the Autobahn is no more dangerous than other roadways.

When Texas passed their concealed carry law, the people of hypothetical world whined that my state would revert back to the Wild Wild West with shootouts on the street. But that hasn’t exactly happened, has it?

You can’t pass laws based on people’s hypothetical fears. There are so many variables that affect the outcome of a particular scenario that no human mind could possibly account for them all.

So let’s return to reality, shall we? Because gun laws and proposed gun control measures should be rooted in reality, but most of them aren’t.

Hypothetically, universal background checks, assault weapon bans, and high capacity magazine bans should make it harder for criminals to get and use guns to kill innocent people.

In reality, criminals already get their guns illegally. Creating more gun laws doesn’t affect them; they’ll just keep doing what they’re already doing.

Hypothetically, a law banning all guns should eliminate all guns.

In reality, laws only stop people who decide to follow them, the same people you claim you want to protect.

Hypothetically, cops should be all we need for protection.

In reality, when a criminal is in your house it’s better to have a gun in your nightstand than a cop 10 minutes away.

Hypothetically, a place like prison should shock the conscious and rehabilitate criminals.

In reality, prisons tend to function like a training facility where inmates improve their criminal abilities.

You can dream up hypotheticals about this country’s gun debate forever but that’s not getting us anywhere. We have to focus on the realities.

This country was founded on the principles of freedom and independence, but how much independence or freedom do you really have when your safety is completely dependent on the government?

That’s the reality we face if we let the hypotheticals and gun control win. That’s not a reality I want to live in. Do you?