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Alan Grayson (D-FL) trolls Tea Party: “No more popular than the Klan”

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It’s tough for me to get too worked up about this, because it’s Alan Grayson. But it’s worth noting for the record. Remember this the next time somebody calls you an extremist.

Indeed, the Klan is only popular among unimaginative leftist demagogues who yearn to stifle dissent. They flip a coin. One side says “KKK” and the other side says “Nazis.”

Oh, and the Klan was started by, um… Democrats.

Anyway. I clicked that link so you don’t have to. It’s even more delightful than I could’ve imagined:


Get it? Because a burning cross looks like a “t.” Oh, and because disagreeing with a black person is racist.

Nice Photoshopping, by the way. They went to all the trouble of making the letters look like they’re on fire, yet they used Comic Sans? Heh!

Then there’s a transcript of Grayson talking to Al Sharpton. Toward the end of this meeting of the minds, Grayson makes the pitch:

We’ve had almost 20,000 people come to our website EndTheLunacy.com, because they want to end the lunacy.

And people go to healthcare.gov because they want health care.

Well, if you want to go to Grayson’s crappy fundraising site, be my guest. You deserve each other.

Jamie Weinstein has more.

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