HealthCare.gov’s Facebook page is getting A LOT of hate [PICS]

Charlotte Errity Contributor
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Facebook users piled onto HealthCare.gov’s Facebook page this week, slamming the dysfunctional website and the hugely increased cost of health insurance. Many called the new costs “outrageous” while railing against “huge deductibles.” The few Americans able to access the exchange website were angry to discover that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act isn’t so affordable at all.

While hundreds of comments cited technical issues and glitches, from the faulty online exchanges to the phone operator bandaid fix, many, many other commenters raged at the higher premiums and deductibles.

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One woman was utterly exasperated:


Another man was so angry, he forgot punctuation:


One woman compares her old plan with Obamacare’s — her rate doubled in the blink of an eye:


One small businessman making $80K per year found himself with only $15 to live on after accounting for Obamacare’s new costs:


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