You wish you were invited to Bill Murray’s Christmas parties

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor

You know you would give your right leg to get an invitation to Bill Murray’s Christmas parties.

The world’s most amazingly bizarre and delightful actor talked to GQ about vodka, parties and Christmas parties involving vodka. A few years ago, he decided that serving Beaujolais Nouveau at his annual Christmas party was getting a little bit boring and he wanted to spice it up and make it more “high octane.”

So this is what he did:

See, what I wanted was one of those ice luges. It’s a big magilla to get an ice luge, but if you do, you can pour vodka into it and it chills it on the way down. It looks like an Olympic ski jump. It’s more for visual effect. You can put your head underneath it, like you’re guzzling gasoline, but we just fill shot glasses. Hundreds of little shot glasses. So, we drank this stuff, and it took the party to a completely other level. The party lasted much longer. No one left. The year before, people would leave at, like, two or three in the morning. With the vodka luge, they didn’t leave until five. The last two years I’ve had this luge. That’s how I like to drink. Out of a large ice structure.

Bill Murray, killing it since ALWAYS.

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