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#NotAllMuslims detonate suicide belt on empty Tunisian beach

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Just this one dude. The good news is, he’s getting three virgins per IQ point.

Jon David Kahn, Breitbart.com:

Officials say a suicide bomber detonated on an empty beach in front of a hotel in the Tunisian Mediterranean resort town of Sousse. He was the only fatality. An employee at the hotel told the BBC the blast occurred at 09:45 local time (08:45 GMT) close to the Riadh Palms hotel and that no one was hurt except for the bomber.

The male attacker was wearing a belt of explosives, according to Tunisia’s Tap state news agency. The AFP news agency reported that witnesses said the bomber was spotted and chased from the hotel onto an empty beach where he blew himself up.

So long, chum.

This calls for a celebration!

Hat tip to Donlyn Turnbull, who notes: