Obamacare is the real war on women

Selena Owens Vice Chair, Conservative Campaign Committee
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Remember during the 2012 presidential election when Democrats blamed conservatives for inciting a “War on Women” because they objected to paying for women’s contraceptive care? The left incited mainstream society against conservatives, both men and women, touting us as old-fashioned, out of touch, cruel and insensitive, a brood of vipers that could care less about women’s healthcare. Sandra Fluke was the War on Women’s poster child, spinning media to distort conservative views. The War on Women was a ruse intended, above all, to overshadow issues where conservatives might have found a more sympathetic ear in the American public: economy, borders, and unemployment.

Since 2010, when Obamacare passed without one Republican vote, word on the street has been, “Obama will pay for my birth control!” Thus, low-info/no-info buzz swept through communities like wildfire. Liberal women from the ghettos to Tribeca were ready to rock and roll with the news that subsidized contraceptive freedom was on the horizon, backed by the Prez and his crew. No copay, no coinsurance fees, no worries. Just free pretty pink pills. Sign up now through December 15, 2013, just log on to Healthcare.gov

Um… not so fast, Miss Liberal Lioness.

Have you read the fine print? Or did you just take Obama at his word when he said we could keep our doctors? He promised, “If you like your healthcare plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan. Period.” At the time of this writing, 800,000 New Jerseyans have lost their health coverage; 80% of Floridians have lost their coverage, and over a quarter million Californians are now uninsured. He also said prices on health insurance wouldn’t increase, but have they ever increased!

Obamacare pits women against unaffordable insurance plans, fewer providers, religious groups seeking exemptions, and, of course, each other. Plenty of liberal women will be forced to subsidize care to other liberal women – and men –who receive government assistance and have zero intention of taking responsibility for their healthcare.

In no way, does Obamacare’s War on Women stop at contraceptives, increased monthly premiums, and wildly inflated deductibles. Forbes ran an article recently entitled, “Obamacare’s website is crashing, because it doesn’t want you to know how costly its plans are.” With an astounding rate of doctors leaving the industry, healthcare will become a health scare. Women will be subjected to subpar services, no matter their economic status. Get ready for one size fits all healthcare, ladies.

I’m thankful for conservative leaders like Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia who, in less than five minutes of the passage of Obamacare in 2010, filed a lawsuit against it. Cuccinelli didn’t do that for conservative women; he did so for all women, and all Americans. His lawsuit didn’t prevail, but he’s still fighting for Americans, as he stands for election for governor tomorrow. Cuccinelli is one of many brave voices crying aloud to stave off America’s slide into full-blown social democracy, which hinges largely on the success of Obamacare. Thankfully, the site has crashed and burned repeatedly, buying us precious time.

It saddens me to know that women who need and expect quality healthcare from our president will not get it if this train wreck of government takeover of medicine – as it is often called – starts to gain much steam. But once they start to appreciate the raw deal they’re getting, perhaps Obamacare’s War on Women will become a Women’s War on Obamacare.

Selena Owens is the Vice Chair of The Conservative Campaign Committee, PAC and the author of The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God Family, and Country.