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Democrats start to notice that maybe Obamacare isn’t working out so well

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You gotta hand it to ’em: Democrats are stupid liars, but at least they don’t catch on too quickly.

Steven T. Dennis, The Hill:

When a loyal leader on your own team says there is a “crisis of confidence” surrounding your signature initiative, you’ve got trouble.

That’s the phrase Democratic Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski of Maryland used repeatedly Tuesday morning to describe the rollout of the new health care law as she questioned Marilyn Tavenner, the head of the health agency tasked with overseeing the law’s implementation.

“I believe that there’s been a crisis of confidence created in the dysfunctional nature of the website, the canceling of policies, and sticker shock from some people,” said Mikulski, who has generally been a strong ally of the administration.

You bet she has. Why, as recently as September, she was blurting out nonsense like this about the efforts to stop Obamacare:

“The reason Ted Cruz stood up and asked for a delay is so that he could have a vote during today when he’s… the teabaggers in his tea party were going to watch. This is why I have repeatedly said the greatest deliberative body in the world has become the greatest delaying body in the world.”

Well, you got what you wanted, Babs. How’s that workin’ out for ya, teabaggee?

Don’t worry, everybody. I’m sure this moment of clarity is just a brief phase. Mikulski and her comrades will figure out some way to pin this disaster on the people who have opposed it from the beginning. MSNBC and the NYT and the rest are already being fed their talking points. It’s everybody’s fault except for the people who lied us into this mess and then lied about us when we spoke up about it.

This is a Pyrrhic victory for the Democrats, if Pyrrhus had set off a nuke on his own throne.

Told ya so, you morons.