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HealthCare.gov could handle 1,100 concurrent visitors its first day

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One highly successful tactic of the Obama administration so far has been to tell so many lies, to so completely fill the air with them, that people get tired of following them all and give up. The White House is trying to make you question the very nature of existence. If nothing is real, how can Obama be a liar? It’s gaslighting on a national scale.

But here’s one lie that’s simple enough to disprove: “Healthcare.gov keeps going down because it’s just so darn popular!”

Nope. Nein. Nuh-uh. Bull$#!+.


The problem-plagued ObamaCare website was only equipped to handle 1,100 users a day before it was launched, documents released by the House Oversight and Reform Committee reveal.

The Obama administration has repeatedly insisted that the website’s repeated crashes were due to unexpectedly high traffic. U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park said on Oct. 6 that the website was expected to draw around 60,000 simultaneous users but instead drew many more, around 250,000.

However, a Healthcare.gov testing bulletin from Sept. 30, the day before the site’s launch, states that the website began to run into trouble with far fewer users.

“Currently we are able to reach 1,100 users before response time gets too high,” the bulletin states.

One thousand, one hundred. That’s about the population of Drain, Oregon. How appropriate that Obamacare is now swirling down it.

Of course, Obama is handling this abject failure the way he handles all his other abject failures:

“It is fair to say that right now I’m not happy with some IT people in Washington.”

Or Canada, or wherever they are. See, it’s their fault. Not his. Never his. “The buck stops here,” he says, while pointing at anybody and everybody else.

I notice he’s dropped this talking point: “Obamacare is more than just a website!” Yeah, that’s the problem. That’s what more and more people are learning every day. If only the ineptitude was limited to web design.

Look out, doctors and nurses and everybody else in the medical field. Obama has never liked you — remember when you were cutting off people’s feet just to make a buck? — and you’re going to make great scapegoats. If you voted for him, even better. His stiletto will fit in an ally’s back just as well as an enemy’s.

And now, for your enjoyment: Lefties freaking out at the mockery of Obamacare on national TV.

Update: Headline edited for clarity. Healthcare.gov could handle 1,100 visitors at a time on its first day, not 1,100 the entire day. I’m sure the daily count was at least twice that. And they got 6 sign-ups that first day. Coulda been worse!