RNC targets young people with anti-Obamacare ads

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The Republican National Committee is continuing its push for the ears of young Americans to keep pushing the message that Obamacare is a “disaster.”

Late last month, the RNC featured one of its “I’m Obamacare” series ads during The Daily Show. The committee released four new ads in the series Tuesday and announced it would be targeting young people on YouTube in college towns, Twitter, and on ESPN and Comedy Central.

The ad series is a play on Apple’s “Get a Mac” that ran from the mid- to late-2000s.


While the Obama administration has made a concerted effort to get young Americans to enroll in Obamacare, as the success of the program largely hinges on the young participating, the RNC is warning young people that the law is not the panacea the administration said it would be.

“Every day more Americans are finding out the president’s signature healthcare law isn’t what President Obama sold us,” RNC chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. “Between people losing their insurance and others being forced to pay more for healthcare under this disastrous law, ObamaCare hasn’t helped solve our nation’s healthcare problems.”

See the other three ads:

Keep It

Wedding Tax


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