Shag queen: meet Britain’s horniest college student

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An online competition has officially identified Britain’s Horniest Student.

The proud winner is Elina Desaine, a 20-year-old computer science student at the University of Exeter in southwestern England. She claims to make sweet love with up to three random dudes each week, reports the Daily Mail.

The contest was sponsored by Shag at Uni, a British website designed for students looking to hook up fast with no strings — and, hopefully, no venereal diseases — attached.

In addition to a lifetime reminder of what a slut she was in college, Desaine’s haul of contest winnings is impressive. The booty she received from Shag at Uni included £500 (just over $800) and a year’s supply of condoms.

The Latvian-born student says she couldn’t possibly recall the names of all the dudes she has slept with. She does try to keep track of her conquests as best as she can, though, using a handwritten list with names like “third year” and “French guy.”

Her greatest moment of sexual triumph occurred when she romped in a university computer room.

She calls herself herself “Sexeter” and a “Slutvian.”

One day, she hopes to seduce a professor.

Desaine’s roommates have urged her to go to a clinic and get herself tested for sexually transmitted illnesses. They did finally hound her into taking a test for Chlamydia recently. The results were negative.

“All my friends are the same,” Desaine told the mail. “We are all just up for having a great time and going out.”

“Uni life is three years to be wild before it starts settling down and it really flies by,” she added.

“My friends were worried about what future employers might say but I hope they see it as a bit of fun, and it shows I am more confident than the average girl.”

The Daily Caller hopes that some information technology manager can find it in his or her heart to give Desaine a chance once she graduates.

In the meantime, here is the entry that won her the prestigious Horniest Student award:

I should be the UK’s horniest student because I have sex with at least 2 / 3 different people a week.

Sometimes I go clubbing, have sex with someone, and then go back to the club to pick up my second victim.

Feeling horny right now, so might just text someone on my ‘shag list’ and do it in the computer room (I’ve done this before, was great!)

With your help of Alcohol I will be able to become an even Hornier Student!

A University of Exeter spokesman told the Mail that school officials “certainly don’t condone” Desaine’s behavior.

“Our main concern at this time is for the student and the impact this may have on her over the long term,” an email from the Exeter representative read.

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