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Favorite reads of the day…

Washington Post‘s Gene Weingarten hates fat people. It’s true! He wrote a story on a small plane voyage over the weekend that actually made me laugh. It’s been a good while since the paper’s “humor columnist” has made me laugh out loud. His initial seat mate is described as follows: “A huge man. A man who seemed to contain protoplasmic mass equivalent to two normal-sized women and a small goat. He oozed in beside me, a furnace of presence.” Read here.

Outrage — a new marketing tool. The Daily Beast‘s Michael Moynihan writes on the culture of outrage and just how fake it really is. He writes, “Outrage has declined from an emotion to a business.” Read here.

Rob Ford: the gift that keeps giving. The Atlantic Wire‘s Connor Simmons lures a reader in with this lede: “The crack-smoking, hard drinking, drunk-driving, allegedly pill-popping, allegedly coke-snorting, allegedly hooker-cavorting Toronto mayor, Rob Ford, has dreams of one day running his great country straight into the ground.” See here. And for a REALLY good laugh, watch here.

Kanye West disses Obama. The Hill‘s Rebecca Shabad has the details on Kanye’s gross self-importance. See here.

Charles Krauthammer really hates questionnaires. He’s also not picking his favorite body part. Read his interview in Politico here.

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