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Martin Bashir wants to poop in Sarah Palin’s mouth

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Hey, I didn’t say it. He did.

This happened last week, but you didn’t see it because it was on MSNBC:

I don’t agree with Sarah Palin’s use of the word “slavery” either. But I’m not a demented leftist, so maybe I’ll stop short of ranting about coprophilia.

As Tony Lee at Big Journalism notes:

After suspending Alec Baldwin’s show for anti-gay comments he made off the air, MSNBC has not taken any action against host Martin Bashir for his vile comments made on air on Nov. 15 in which he suggested that someone should defecate and urinate in former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s mouth.

Of course they haven’t. Sarah Palin isn’t a designated victim. It’s okay to say whatever they want about her. If Alec Baldwin had targeted her, he’d still have a show.

Congratulations, Martin Bashir. Everybody thought your Michael Jackson interview was the lowest you could stoop. But you can stoop with the best of ’em. You’re a champion stooper. A super-stooper, if you will. Or even if you won’t.

(Hat tip: Newsbusters)

Update: Of course.

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