UPDATE: Lincoln a Democrat? University says: Yep! That’s right

Robby Soave Reporter
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As The Daily Caller previously reported, a Northeastern Illinois University building contains a plaque dedicated to Abraham Lincoln that erroneously identifies the first Republican president as a Democrat.

NEIU’s response? No mistake was made, because Lincoln is actually a “democrat,” in the sense that he supported democracy. (RELATED: Neither this university nor its students know Lincoln was a Republican)

“According to building archives, the word democrat was used because Lincoln was an advocate for democracy—the political or social equality of all people,” an NEIU spokesperson told The Daily Caller in a statement. “The word was not chosen to reflect a political affiliation.”

That interpretation is contrary to the text on the plaque, which simply reads: “THIS BUILDING IS DEDICATED TO PUBLIC SERVICE HONORING THE MEMORY OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN   DEMOCRAT.” Since the entire dedication is capitalized, it would be impossible to tell that it was using the word in a non-partisan sense.

NEIU has no intention to change the plaque.

“The academic programs housed in this building promote political and social equality, the same values espoused by Abraham Lincoln,” said the university’s statement. “Northeastern Illinois University recognizes the context that this plaque was created and intends to uphold its integrity.”

The subtlety is likely lost on NEIU students, most of whom could not identify Lincoln’s political party when interviewed by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA. When given the choice between “Democrat or Republican?” many said Lincoln was indeed a Democrat.

Then again, according to NEIU, they are not wrong.

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