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Kathleen Sebelius forced to watch as HealthCare.gov crashes again

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As punishment for her catastrophically inept bumbling, President Obama is making Kathleen Sebelius do stuff like the following. He probably rubs Bo’s nose in his messes, too.

Here she is in Miami yesterday, being confronted with her utter failure:

Baby steps? Let’s have a footrace between a baby and HealthCare.gov, and see who crosses the finish line first.

“Unflappable” is one word for Sebelius. “Oblivious” is another. If it weren’t for her force-field of denial, she wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. Just keep smilin’, Baghdad Kathy.

Good news, though! Carmen Salero has come up with a great new slogan for the Democrats: “That’s okay, it’ll come back.” It pretty much sums up their approach to everything, doesn’t it? If not for magical thinking, they’d do no thinking at all.

HealthCare.gov? That’s okay, it’ll come back.
Trillions of tax dollars? That’s okay, it’ll come back.
Global warming? That’s okay, it’ll come back.
Obama’s poll standing? That’s okay, it’ll come back.
The United States of America? That’s okay, it’ll come back.

That last one is always possible. But if so, it’ll be despite these lying dimwits, not because of them.

(Hat tip: Washington Free Beacon)

Update: Her week couldn’t get any worse, right? Welllllll…

Update: Settle down, you unruly commoners.