Steyn: US-Iran deal confirms Obama had no intention of taking out rogue nation’s nukes

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Hugh Hewitt’s Wednesday radio show, National Review columnist Mark Steyn said that the newly announced nuclear agreement with Iran gives everyone what they really wanted.

“Basically each party had different objectives,” Steyn said. “The Americans and the P5 + 1 — they wanted to get an agreement. The Iranians wanted to get a nuclear program. Both parties in that sense are getting what they want. We already knew that Obama is never going to take out the Iranian nuclear program. And in a sense, all this agreement does is confirm it — that there is no obstacle for the Iranians going nuclear.”

But the outcome of the agreement also made for an odd arrangement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Steyn explained.

“Well I think what’s fascinating — the one consequence of this is that the Israelis and the Saudi Arabians are now the bestest buddies on the planet,” Steyn said. “I mean, there are unlikely couples and there are unlikelier couples. But [Saudi Arabian] King Abdullah and [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu are basically arm-and-arm on this thing. The Saudis are phoning the Israelis every night.”

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