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Congressman hangs with foxy thong-clad companion

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Welcome to 2013, where TMZ covers Rep. Joe Garcia (D-Fla.) with a lady in a thong on the beach. Garcia displays a fairly large gut and derriere.

The reporters discussing the ordeal disagreed on whether his companion looked good or not.

Reporter #1: “Out on the beach with his chick who’s wearing a thong bikini… He’s shirtless, got his floppy flappy hat on.”

Reporter #2: “She shouldn’t be wearing a thong.

Reporter #3: “She doesn’t look bad!”

Reporter #2: A thong is something you have to earn and I don’t think she earned it.”

Reporter #4: “No, dude, I like it when it’s a little sloppy.”

Garcia and his wife, Aileen Maria Ugalde, divorced in 2012, so the woman is not likely her, but it’s tough to tell with her hair all piled up in a hat and The Mirror could not immediately distinguish her buttocks from those of another woman.

Watch the full video here.