SoVeryMexy?: SooperMexican comes under fire from the left

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Having received notoriety from outlets like Fox News Latino, the masked man behind the popular Twitter feed @SooperMexican is under fire from what is being described as a “Leftist Mexican blog” called Latino Rebels.

His defenders say the attacks are homophobic — and cross the line by questioning whether or not the man behind the mask is “a real Mexican.”

The fact that we now have anonymous bloggers and Tweeters penning columns is, perhaps, a sign of the times. But before we dismiss the practice, we might also remember some important pamphleteers of the past who thought it wise to use pen-names.

Specifically, this round of criticism seems to be in response to SooperMexican’s Twitter “bullying” of a group called Cafe Con Leche Republicans.

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SooperMexican can, perhaps, take comfort in the fact that they only attack you when you’re relevant.

Aside from Fox News Latino, SuperMexican can also be read at the Independent Journal Review. You might also remember SooperMexican from his Super Bowl parody, “God Made a Liberal.

Matt K. Lewis