Rand Paul worries Amazon drones could lead to aerial peeping toms

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said Wednesday that while he doesn’t necessarily object to Amazon experimenting with delivery drones, he is concerned that such technology could threaten Americans’ privacy.

“Delivering packages, I don’t have a great objection to how packages are delivered other than somebody’s going to have to figure out the flight patterns of these things to make sure its not a risk to airplanes,” Paul said in a brief telephone interview with The Daily Caller.

“But I’m also worried about private entities that would want to look into your yard, in your windows, in your mailbox, things like that,” Paul added. “So I do think when we’re looking at privacy, it’s a concern.”

On Sunday, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos revealed on 60 Minutes that his company would like to eventually use drones to do half hour delivery of packages that weigh up to five pounds.

The Kentucky senator — who earlier this year famously filibustered the Senate confirmation of CIA Director John Brennan over the issue of government drones — suggested that lawmakers might need to take a fresh look at privacy concerns involving technology.

“Traditionally, we had rules – nobody could come and look in your window, a peeping tom gets arrested,” Paul said. “I think we’re going to have to apply that…to technology at some point.”

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