WHATEVER: Millennials don’t care about Obama’s second term agenda

Neil Munro White House Correspondent
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Millenials don’t give a hoot about President Barack Obama’s second term agenda, according to a new poll by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics.

Forty-five percent of the 2,089 Americans aged 18 to 29 want him to focus on the economy.

But Obama is spending his time trying to repair the crippled HealthCare.gov, working to triple legal immigration into the country over the next 10 years, and expanding regulations to solidify progressives’ control over the energy sector and the nation’s civic life. (RELATED: BACK FROM THE DEAD: Will Boehner ressurect Obama’s campaign for more immigration?)

The poll showed that only 18 percent of the respondents said “healthcare” is one of the issues that “concern you the most.”

Only four percent said they were most concerned about immigration, one percent about abortion. Only one percent cited “civil rights” and another one percent named the environment.

That adds up to 25 percent.

The low level of agreement with Obama’s non-economic agenda is striking, especially because blacks and Hispanics, who generally support civil rights measures and immigration, accounted for 33 percent of the respondents. Whites accounted for 59 percent of the poll.

The economy was deemed the most important concern by 45 percent of respondents.

The 45 percent included 21 percent who said the economy “in general” is the top issue.

Government spending was cited by 11 percent, and jobs were cited by 9 percent. One percent cited taxes or money.

One percent cited economic inequality, which was the subject of a Wednesday speech by the president, when he renewed his call for greater government management of the economy.

Since Obama was inaugurated — in part because he earned 60 percent of the youth vote — roughly 9 million people have given up looking for work, wages have stalled, and the top one percent has boosted its share of the nation’s wealth. Roughly 11 million people are currently looking for full time work.

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