‘MY HEART LEAPT’: Krauthammer praises new budget deal [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer voiced strong support for the Ryan-Murray budget deal on PBS’ “Inside Washington” Sunday, claiming his “heart lept” after he heard an agreement had been reached between Republican and Democratic lawmakers.

The deal, which dismantles nearly on third of current sequester cuts for promises of future budget reductions, has been heavily criticized by fiscal conservatives groups and Republican senators like Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Florida’s Marco Rubio. But Speaker of the House John Boehner and other Republican leaders have largely endorsed the deal, hammering tea party critics in the process.

Krauthammer agreed with NPR’s Nina Totenberg — as well as House GOP leadership — that the deal was “better than all the alternatives.”

“I was up all night waiting for the white smoke to come out of the chimney,” he cracked, “and when it came my heart lept. It’s a deal! It will prevent a shutdown, and from a purely partisan Republican perspective, what it means is that instead of worrying about shutdowns with the focus on Republican obstructionism — shots of little Iowa tots crying because they can’t do a White House tour — instead of all that that we had in October, the spectacle and the attention of the nation will be on the train wreck that will be Obamacare in January, when people show up and don’t have insurance which they thought they signed up for.”

“So from a partisan perspective this is exactly what Republicans needed,” he concluded, “and Paul Ryan was the man to get it.”

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