Father of the year: how to train your child to be a football prodigy [VIDEO]

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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In a clear bid for World’s Best Dad, one father in Texas decided to try a little unorthodox football training to ensure that little junior will get recruited by the best school in 11 or so years.

In a YouTtube video, the father decides to drive next to his son, with the last name of Yates, while verbally berating him to run faster. He explains to the boy, “This is how we train for football: daddy drives and you run. Get your little ass in shape.” At one point in time the child stops and says he hurts, to which #1 dad replies he doesn’t want to hear any excuses.

The father makes it clear that if his son wants to play for the Cowboys later in life, he has to run faster. Whether this is just creative athletic motivation, or borderline child abuse, there’s no doubt little Yates is going to be affected by this somehow.

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