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Sydney Elaine Leathers is a terrible ex-girlfriend to Anthony Weiner

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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There’s no easy way to say this. But Sydney Elaine Leathers, the former phone sex girlfriend to New York mayoral loser Anthony Weiner, still wants a piece of his pecker.

On Thursday, the day after Christmas, she broke the heartbreaking news that Weiner had finally ended their friendship on Facebook. (Uh oh. This means Weiner is on Facebook. No good can come of that.)

Unfortunately for Weiner, she’s not the quiet type. She really can’t stop talking about Weiner and really, probably isn’t over him or the infamy he has brought her. She also doesn’t appear to be over his overexposed weiner.


Her retweets are full of Weiner and even bother to include him in the conversation.

1. “@sydneyelainexo @anthonyweiner Look out for him on Chatroulette” 2. “@sydneyelainexo @anthonyweiner Aww you would have the best all time hyphenated name Sydney Leathers-Wiener ROFLMBO”

Her followers appear to be huge defenders of her in regards to Weiner. “Sal” writes, “I think it’s messed up that of the 74 people @anthonyweiner follows, @sydneyelainexo isn’t one of them. Remember your roots, man.” And “Karey”: “Aww you would have the best all time hyphenated name Sydney Leathers-Wiener ROFLMBO”


Marty Rudolf, the self-proclaimed “online news junkie” that often tweets at members of Washington and New York media, asked Leathers, “Have you Posed for Playboy or Maxim Magazines before, Sydney?” And he wanted to know this: “Do you think Anthony Weiner will ever Run for Public Office again in a few years after Hosting his NY Radio Show?”

Her reply: “Yes & I’ll run against him.”

Weiner aside, Leathers isn’t exactly the kind of woman a politician, much less her aunt, would want to run into in a hotel, dark alley or, er, stairwell.